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Saltine Food and Catering

Food options at Hatchery will be provided by Saltine, a resident pop-up food company. Their offerings will be mainly focused on breakfast and lunch, with an occasional special event dinner. Daily offerings will include various salads, sandwiches, and grab-and-go options available for purchase in the mercantile. On days that Saltine is open to the public, they will offer coffee, breakfast items, lunch specials, and homemade bread for sale. Special orders will also be available upon request and consultation with the team at Saltine.



Saltine is also the preferred catering service of the Hatchery. The team at Saltine has several years of professional cooking experience, with a focus on large groups. Saltine will work hard to make sure all the food and beverage logistics of your special event are handled. Questions about catering can be answered at the time of booking.


Industrial Kitchen

The kitchen at Hatchery is fully equipped for all your commercial kitchen needs. There are convection ovens, range, industrial dishwasher, flat top griddle, large work table, industrial mixer, and refrigeration available. The kitchen is also equipped with pretty much everything you would need to walk in the door and start working: bowls, knives, cutting boards, etc.

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